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Racism X Sexism

This project was about perspectives and intersectionality. 

How the book works:

The viewer slides a Black card or a white card through the pages to reveal the text.

When the white card is slid through the text is readable but doesn’t stand out. What this represents is that many are aware of racism and sexism (not all, based on survey). When this card is slid through, it gives you a feel of privilege. You are aware of the text, the issue, but not fully ‘experiencing’ for as long as that card remains in that page. 

When the black card is slid though it reveals the text, much clearer than the white (due to high contrast) it exposes the reality for many who face sexism and racism, and who are unable to ignore it as it is even in media, ads, tv etc. This card represents the experience.

When displayed on show, the intent is that the viewer chooses a card and views this from a different perspective.

Thank you to the those who shared their stories with me and allowed me to use it to create this artist book. 

(To view the ‘making of Racism X Sexism’ click here)


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